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Last Posy of summer
Cyclamen on a Green Plate
Flowers & Tower
Last Posy of Summer
Coastal Allotment
Lupins on the Allotment
The Tahini Jar
Chair & Pot
Potting Bench 2
Dahlias in August
Spotty Jug
Pansies in a Terracotta Pot
Roses Waiting 2
Iris by the Coast
Nerine & Lilies
Blue Chair
Pink Cottage
Storm over Iona
Wire Basket
Geraniums & Birch Tree
The Fig Tin
Ladder of Flowers
Potting Violas
Observer Books
The White Pot
Sunflowers 4
Cyclamen on a Plate
Lockdown Garden
Sea & Sugar
The White Pot
Rusty Tin
Pansies in Polystyrene
Chillies at Darsham
Indian Vase
French Jug
The Veg Crate
Fennel and Artichoke
Garden Tray